Duo Legal Avocats

Duo Legal Avocats was founded in 1985 by a lawyer qualified as notary with the aim of providing the best possible advice to a clientele composed exclusively of private individuals, in all their needs in family law and estate planning (legal, fiscal and judicial).

In 2018, Duo Legal Avocats became a partner of Duo Legal - Notaries and Co. in a company where both Lawyers and Notaries practice (a “multi-professional practice company”).

This partnership is the result of 15 years coworking between Hugues Letellier, avocat and Fanny Pobelle, notaire, whose common practice is now established both inside Paris and outside within “Grand-Paris” (Seine-et-Marne).

This innovation is the outcome of the pioneer positioning chosen since 1985 by lawyers who graduated as notaries, under the names Hohl Avocats (1985 - 2014) then Bassano Avocats (2014 - 2018).

Since 1985, Duo Legal has developed exclusively in this field of expertise: this "niche" strategy allows us to respond efficiently and reactively to the needs of individuals for the management of their private affairs, in a national or international context:

• family and children's law and taxation, estate planning and inheritance,
• international mobility of individuals (nationality, immigration, residence permits)
• law and taxation of residential real estate,
• partnerships, trusts, foundations and “fiducies”,
• private international law,
• national and international tax law.

Duo Legal brings together, around five partners (three lawyers and two notaries), some thirty people who devote themselves with dedication to family, private wealth and inheritance law and taxation.

Several members of Duo Legal work daily in German, English or Arabic for a large international and cross-border clientele.

The practice of French law within Duo Legal also extends outside France, from permanent offices in Geneva (since 2012) and Tunis (since 2019).
Finally, Duo Legal relies on a very important network of correspondents throughout the world.