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Duo Legal


Duo Legal Avocats was founded in 1985 by a lawyer qualified as notary with the aim of providing the best possible advice to a clientele composed exclusively of private individuals, in all their needs in family law and estate planning (legal, fiscal and judicial).

In 2018, Duo Legal Avocats became a partner of Duo Legal - Notaries and Co. in a company where both Lawyers and Notaries practice (a “multi-professional practice company”).

This partnership is the result of 15 years coworking between Hugues Letellier, avocat and Fanny Pobelle, notaire, whose common practice is now established both inside Paris and outside within “Grand-Paris” (Seine-et-Marne).

This innovation is the outcome of the pioneer positioning chosen since 1985 by lawyers who graduated as notaries, under the names Hohl Avocats (1985 - 2014) then Bassano Avocats (2014 - 2018).

Since 1985, Duo Legal has developed exclusively in this field of expertise: this "niche" strategy allows us to respond efficiently and reactively to the needs of individuals for the management of their private affairs, in a national or international context:

• family and children's law and taxation, estate planning and inheritance,
• international mobility of individuals (nationality, immigration, residence permits)
• law and taxation of residential real estate,
• partnerships, trusts, foundations and “fiducies”,
• private international law,
• national and international tax law.

Duo Legal brings together, around five partners (three lawyers and two notaries), some thirty people who devote themselves with dedication to family, private wealth and inheritance law and taxation.

Several members of Duo Legal work daily in German, English or Arabic for a large international and cross-border clientele.

The practice of French law within Duo Legal also extends outside France, from permanent offices in Geneva (since 2012) and Tunis (since 2019).
Finally, Duo Legal relies on a very important network of correspondents throughout the world.



Mediation is a procedure in which the parties meet and discuss their disputes outside of court, identify the issues with the assistance of a trained impartial third person who assists them in reaching a settlement.

Duo Legal regularly intervenes as a mediator in family disputes and inheritance law matters, where mediation is particularly useful to settle existing disputes and anticipate future ones.

When acting as a mediator, usually at the request of other law professionals, Duo Legal cannot act as counsel for the parties.

French “Fiducie”


"Fiducie" is a French law concept, defined as a contract by which a company (the Settlor) transfers assets or rights to another person (the Trustee) who holds these separate from his own property for the benefit or one or more Beneficiaries.

It is therefore an asset protection technique.

Within families, "Fiducie" allows to maintain family property and assets when confronting certain incidents:

• Protected adult,
• Divorce,
• Managing young persons’ wealth,
• Asset protection against future creditors,
• Etc.

Since 2014, Duo Legal practices as fiduciary (Article 2015 § 2 of the French Civil Code, for missions of security (“fiducie-sûreté”) or asset management (“fiducie-gestion”).
To transfer movable or immovable assets in a fiducie, the Settlor must be advised by a third qualified lawyer, notary or academic. This third party cannot be a member of Duo Legal and prepares the fiducie contract with Duo Legal.

The assets in fiducie are unseizable. A specific accountancy and an additional risk insurance are also required.

Duo Legal operates under the rules of professional conduct applicable to French avocats, including full independence and the prohibition of conflicts of interest or fee-sharing.




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    Victoire grew up in London (United Kingdom) where she attended the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle up to the Baccalauréat, before studying law at the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas where she graduated with a Master 2 in Private and Professional Wealth Management.

    She joined the firm in 2013 and became a partner in 2020.

    Victoire is bilingual in English and works daily to serve a cross-border clientele in their family and wealth management needs, for whom she travels to London and New York regularly.

    She has given several conferences, especially at the Maison du Barreau (taxation of divorce in a Franco-British context, reform of forced heirship rules (reserve héréditaire) in inheritance law, etc.) and for the Family Law and Estate Planning commissions of the Union Internationale des Avocats of which she is a member.

  • Emna Farah – De Matos (Tunis)

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    Emna a grandi à Tunis (Tunisie) où elle a été scolarisée au Lycée Français « Pierre Mendès France » jusqu’au Baccalauréat.

    Passionnée de tennis, elle a participé aux plus grandes compétitions internationales (Les petits As de Tarbes, Orange Bowl de Miami ...) avant de suivre sa formation de droit à l’Université de Toulouse 1 Capitole dont elle ressort diplômée d’un Master 2 en Ingénierie du Patrimoine après un Master 1 en Droit Notarial.

    Elle rejoint le cabinet parisien en 2017 et devient associée du bureau de Tunis en 2019.

    Emna intervient sur de nombreux dossiers franco-tunisiens (contrat de mariage, divorce, succession, organisation patrimoniale …) et conseille notamment de solides institutions bancaires tunisiennes.

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    Sonia graduated from the University of Panthéon-Assas (Paris II) and holds a Master I in Judicial Careers and a Master II in Litigation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

    She taught family law and matrimonial regimes for several years at the University of Paris XII.

    She joined the firm in 2012 and became a partner in 2017.

    She is involved in many Franco-Tunisian cases and regularly gives lectures in this area of expertise, from the Paris and Tunis offices.

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    Hugues LETELLIER avocat parisAfter studying at Passy Buzenval (Hauts-de-Seine), Hugues obtained a Master's degree in law (Universities of Munich and Panthéon Assas-Paris II), then a DEA in general private law and a DESS in notarial law (Paris II).

    He joined Hohl in 1997, became a partner in 2001 and managing partner in 2007.

    Certified in estate law, estate and international taxation, he is a regular speaker at seminars and conferences and created the "private estate law" supplements of the Gazette du Palais, a leading legal journal established in 1886.

    Also, Hugues has been:

    • A member of the Paris Bar Council (Conseil de l’Ordre), where he was more specifically in charge of issues relating to professional practice structures and the status of the fiduciary lawyer,

    • The President of the Family and Succession Committee of the Council of European Bars (CCBE); the CCBE is the organization that represents the one million lawyers registered in the European Union,
    • The President of the Franco-German tax commission within the CFACI,
    • The President of the Estate Planning Commission of the Union Internationale des Avocats.

    Currently, Hugues presides the Paris Bar Association's Estate Planning and Fiducie Commission.

    He loves... cycling (among other things)!



Duo Legal regularly publishes legal and tax information letters, as well as studies and review (economical, legal and tax press).

The firm frequently hosts specialized conferences, such as:

• Etats-Généraux of Family law (fraud in family law, equity in family law, preparatory divoce agreements…),
• Strategy of matrimonial regimes and fiduciary techniques (Omnidroit),
• The practice of alternating residence after 7 years of application, fixation of the compensatory beneficit and appeal for review, what remains of the fault in the new divorce,… (Campus),
• Prenuptial agreements, Estate Planning (Union Internationale des Avocats: Istanbul, Miami, Dresden, Macau, Florence, etc.),
• Settlement of international successions & European certificate (Trier – ERA),
• Convergence of rights in matrimonial law (Heidelberg University),

And also: calculation of compensatory allowance, family tax audit, etc.


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